Siemens Transporting Wind Blades By Rail


Siemens Energy is transporting 42 wind turbine blades from its Fort Madison, Iowa, blade factory to Portland General Electric's (PGE) Biglow Canyon Wind Farm in Sherman County, Ore., where the companies will provide nacelles and towers for installation.

Siemens is supplying 141 units of its 2.3 MW turbines for the second and third phases of Biglow Canyon Wind Farm. Once completed, PGE's wind farm is expected to have a capacity of 450 MW.

‘This is the first time that Siemens is transporting wind turbine blades via rail to their destination,’ says Jan Kjaersgaard, CEO of Siemens Wind Power Americas. ‘Adding rail allows us to expand our transportation capacity and provides significant efficiency and environmental benefits compared to trucking for long-distance transports.’

In addition to blades, Siemens Energy is also transporting towers and nacelles via rail to various project locations throughout the U.S.

SOURCE: Siemens Energy

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