Siemens To Provide Grid-Connection Services For Offshore Project


Siemens has been awarded an order to implement the grid connection for the Lincs Wind Farm Ltd. offshore wind farm. The order volume for the grid connection is worth approximately 120 million euros.

Siemens Energy previously announced that it is supplying 75 3.6 MW wind turbines for the wind farm. Construction is scheduled to start in late summer, with operation expected to begin in 2012.

The wind farm, which is expected to have an installed capacity of up to 270 MW, will be installed 8 km offshore, near Skegness, Lincolnshire, on the east coast of the U.K. Siemens will supply an offshore substation platform, which will bundle the power generated by the wind turbines before it is transported via high-voltage cable to the mainland.

The substation will be equipped with two 240 MVA transformers, as well as 132 kV high-voltage and 33 kV medium-voltage switchgear. The requisite protection and instrumentation and control equipment will also be installed on the platform.

The transformers on the substation platform will step up the 33 kV voltage from the wind turbines to a transmission voltage of 132 kV. High-voltage subsea cables will transport the power to the grid feed-in point, which is located at the Walpole 400 kV substation near King's Lynn.

Siemens will also prepare the requisite design studies for all of the wind farm's electrical components and the grid studies to provide evidence of fulfillment with grid-connection requirements.

SOURCE: Siemens AG

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