Siemens Ramps Up U.K. Wind Power Training Facility


Siemens Energy has invested 3 million pounds in its wind power training facility in Newcastle, England. The company's wind power service teams will provide support for new and existing projects in the U.K., particularly the Crown Estate Round 3 offshore wind power development program, which is targeted to deliver 37 GW of energy from renewables for the U.K. over the next two decades.

The facility provides technical and health and safety training for Siemens' wind power service technicians, equipping them with the skills required to meet the service needs of the industry.

The facility currently includes a fully loaded 2.3 MW nacelle and will be expanded later this year to include an offshore 3.6 MW turbine, as well as training towers and other key training resources.

‘The wind energy resources off the coast of the U.K. are among the best in Europe,’ says Carl Ennis, managing director of Siemens Energy Service UK. ‘With the start of the Round 3 program, we'll be handling service for hundreds of wind turbines.’

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