Siemens Gamesa Servicing U.K. Offshore Giant For Five More Years

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) has announced a renewal of its contract to service the 504 MW Greater Gabbard wind farm, located off the east coast of the U.K.

The five-year extension is for the operation and maintenance of the project until 2022. Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm Ltd., the owner of the wind farm, has contracted SGRE to provide scheduled servicing, troubleshooting and technical support to the 140 SWT-3.6-107 turbines installed at the site. The project is located 23 kilometers off the Suffolk coast and was opened by then-Energy Minister Michael Fallon in August 2013.

The contract continues and builds upon the services that Siemens Gamesa has provided since 2013. Onshore 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics of each of the turbines will take place at the company’s dedicated control room, based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the U.K.

Servicing Greater Gabbard is the most recent of three service contract extensions awarded to SGRE. Following 10-year service agreements for the 175-turbine London Array wind farm and the 54-turbine Lynn and Inner Dowsing wind farms, this is the first contract to include the balance of plant, the company says.

SGRE services more than 23,000 turbines worldwide, totaling 54 GW.


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