Siemens Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary Of Kansas Nacelle Plant


Siemens Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary Of Kansas Nacelle Plant Siemens has announced the five-year anniversary of its 300,000-square-foot wind turbine nacelle production facility in Hutchinson, Kan.

‘Five years after its opening, Siemens' production facility in Hutchinson is a bright spot in Kansas' wind energy economy," says Siemens' Jacob Andersen. ‘We have over 350 employees in Hutchinson, and we are very proud of their contributions to the local community and economy.’

To date, the company notes, workers at the facility have produced more than 2,640 G2 nacelles, which have been installed in projects across the U.S. and in foreign markets. The Hutchinson facility is now preparing to build nacelles for Siemens' latest wind turbine – the SWT 2.3-120, which features a 120-meter rotor.

Siemens says it is proud to not only help Kansas, a big wind power state, generate clean energy, but also drive economic activity throughout the region. In 2014, the company says, wind energy was responsible for 21.67% of all electricity production in Kansas.

Citing data from the Wind Coalition, Siemens says the wind industry has created 12,000 direct and indirect jobs in the state and has attracted $8 billion in investment in Kansas – including seven wind-related manufacturing facilities.

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