Senvion Extends Contracts For Eastern U.S. Wind Farms


Senvion has announced 15-year operations and maintenance contract extensions with EverPower for two U.S. wind farms totaling 194 MW.

The 55 MW Howard Wind Farm – located in Steuben County, N.Y. – comprises 27 MM92 turbines with 80-meter hub heights. The first 25 turbines were installed in 2011; the next two came in 2012. The extension to the integrated service package (ISP) contract will run from March 2017 until 2032.

The Twin Ridges Wind Farm – located near the Maryland/Pennsylvania border – features 68 MM92 turbines with a mix of hub heights of 100 and 80 meters (in order to maximize yield). The 139 MW wind farm was installed in 2012. Senvion’s ISP contract has now been extended from March 2018 until 2033.

Senvion USA, founded in 2007, is located in Denver. To date, Senvion USA has an installed capacity of 1.2 GW.

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7 years ago

It seems to me that ISP by Senvion means Integrated Service Package which is a full scope contract.