Second Phase Of Portland General Electric’s Biglow Canyon Wind Farm Complete


Portland General Electric Co. (PGE) has announced that all 65 of the wind turbines erected for the second phase of its Biglow Canyon Wind Farm in Oregon have been completed and are available to supply power on the Pacific Northwest's electricity grid.

The wind turbines for the project, which is expected to produce about 150 MW, were manufactured and erected by Siemens Energy, and the civil and electrical infrastructure was constructed for PGE by D.H. Blattner and Sons Inc.

‘The construction of phase II was very successful, and we are looking forward to working with PGE on the third and final phase of the Biglow Canyon wind farm to help meet the growing demand for clean, wind-generated electricity,’ says Jan Kjaersgaard, head of Siemens Energy's Americas wind power business unit.

Phase I of Biglow Canyon was completed in 2007, with 76 turbines and an installed capacity of 125 MW of electricity. Each of the phase II turbines is capable of generating up to 2.3 MW, bringing Biglow Canyon's combined installed capacity to 275 MW. A third phase with another 76 turbines is slated for commercial operation in 2010, which will bring the wind farm to a combined installed capacity of 450 MW.

The Biglow Canyon project was developed by Orion Energy LLC. It is being built by PGE, which will also own and operate it.

SOURCE: Portland General Electric Co.

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