SCE Signs Wind Power Contract With DCE


Rosemead, Calif.-based Southern California Edison (SCE) has signed a 20-year contract with DCE, an affiliate of Caithness Energy, which will provide up to 909 MW of wind power.

The project, called Caithness Shepherd's Flat, involves the installation of 303 wind turbines across 30 square miles in Gilliam and Morrow counties in Oregon between 2011 and 2012. Shepherd's Flat is expected to generate 2 billion kWh of renewable energy annually.

‘This contract is a crown jewel in our renewable energy portfolio,’ says Stuart Hemphill, SCE vice president of renewable and alternative power. ‘The project is attractive to SCE because of its size, near-term delivery and competitive price.’

The project requires no additional or upgraded transmission lines, which significantly lessens the time it takes for a power plant of this magnitude to come online, according to the company.

SOURCE: Southern California Edison

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