RGGI States Announce Proposed Schedule


The states participating in the second compliance period of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) have announced a proposed schedule for gathering analytic material and receiving comments from interested parties in preparation for the states' program review.

Following New Jersey's May announcement of its withdrawal from RGGI at year-end, it is anticipated that nine states will participate in the second compliance period and conduct a program review.

RGGI-participating states are continuing preparations for the 2012 program review called for in the RGGI memorandum of understanding (MOU). As the MOU specifies, program review will be a comprehensive evaluation including successes, impacts, operations, additional reductions, imports and emissions leakage and offsets.

To support the program review, the RGGI member states are in the process of developing a revised electricity-sector modeling analysis, have published a white paper on emissions reductions from 2005 to 2009 and have held two stakeholder meetings in 2010.

All of these materials, as well as additional materials to be gathered this year, will be considered to support the evaluation of any potential modifications to the RGGI program.

For a detailed schedule, visit rggi.org.

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