Review Of Nodal Program Cites Improved Controls


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), grid operator for most of the state, has released a report from Utilicast, which conducted an independent assessment of the nodal market's revised schedule and budget that cites progress in program controls, accountability and transparency, while also outlining remaining challenges and risks.

The Utilicast project team, hired by the ERCOT board of directors in October, conducted a high-level review of the nodal program, including objectives, plan and budget to assess if ERCOT is now better placed to successfully implement the program given the new budget and schedule.

‘ERCOT has made progress in implementing strong program controls,’ according to the report, which specifically mentions ‘clear ownership and accountability’ at the executive level, a restructured project management office with project controls consistent with the size and complexity of the nodal program, and establishment of a controller's office and cost tracking to improve budget transparency and financial reporting.

Regarding the revised schedule, the report lists a number of risks, including the following:

– highest risk to the overall schedule is the integration project;

– scope changes may adversely impact the schedule; project requirements have not been finalized and locked down; and

– lack of available data center space.

SOURCE: Electric Reliability Council of Texas

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