Report: Top 10 Turbine OEMs Had Record Year In 2014


Report: Top 10 Turbine OEMs Had Record Year In 2014 All top 10 wind turbine makers broke individual installation records in 2014, in what was the highest installation year for the global wind industry, according to highlights from an upcoming report from FTI Consulting Inc. The report, authored by members of the FTI-CL Energy practice, ranks the world's leading turbine OEMs by installed capacity.

FTI notes the rankings are subject to change between now and when the full report is officially released in March. At this time, however, the company has provided a glimpse into its preliminary findings, offering the following top 5 rankings for 2014:

1. Vestas – Remains in the lead for second year running, with a significant margin over competition;

2. Siemens – Up from 4th position in 2013, with a record-breaking year for its onshore business in 2014;

3. Goldwind – Down from 2nd position in 2013, but remaining the largest turbine OEM in Asia;

4. GE – Up from 5th position in 2013 after nearly doubling installations in 2014;

5. Enercon – Down from 3rd position in 2013, despite another strong year with respect to installations in 2014.

The report further says global wind capacity bounced back with more than 50 GW in 2014, over 40% growth on 2013. This was mainly driven by a record-breaking increase in China, Germany and Brazil.

"2014 was a record year for the wind industry, but it was mainly driven by the boom-and-bust fear created by the regulatory uncertainty in China and Germany," explains Feng Zhao, director at FTI Consulting and head of wind energy within the FTI-CL Energy practice.

"Although the growth in South and East Asia and Latin America will remain strong, without a stable market structure in Europe and the policy consistency in the U.S., the global wind market is likely to fall in 2016," conclude Zhao.

As mentioned, the full report, titled "Global Wind Market Update – Demand & Supply 2014," will be finalized and officially released in March.

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