Renewables Developer Dulas Establishes Base In Ireland


U.K.-based renewable energy developer Dulas has established a new headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, as the country prepares to meet its 2020 renewables targets.

According to Dulas, the Republic of Ireland’s renewable energy industry has shown significant growth in the past few years and is reflected in the country’s pledge to generate 40% of electricity consumption and 16% of final energy consumption from clean energy by 2020.

Dulas provides strategic consultancy and technical advice to firms looking to reduce their operational energy footprint and meet legislative requirements.

The company says its new office in Dublin will provide the business with a base to offer its technical consultancy, as well as assist U.K. clients in moving into the Irish market.

“While the Republic of Ireland’s clean energy industry has been showing steady growth in recent years, many more projects need to be commissioned if renewable energy sources are to make up 16 percent of final energy consumption by 2020,” explains Phil Horton, managing director of Dulas.

“Our presence in Ireland has increased in line with the market over the past few years, and our new Dublin office should ensure that we can further support and develop our clients’ projects in the lead-up to 2020.”

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