Renewable Energy Grants Approved In Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania's Commonwealth Financing Authority has approved $6.5 million in new alternative and clean energy investments, which will leverage nearly $40 million in private economic investment statewide.

Thirteen projects from 10 counties will receive funding for the utilization, development and construction of alternative and clean energy projects.

A $2 million grant will be issued to Power Source LLC, located in Wayne County, toward the research and development of a sodium-sulfur battery that will have six times the energy-storage capacity and roughly eight times the life span of a standard lead-acid battery.

The batteries will be specifically designed to meet the large-scale energy-storage needs of the renewable energy production industry. The total cost of the project is over $25 million, with the state's $2 million investment leveraging over $23 million of private investment from Power Source LLC.

In addition, Apple Shamrock Dairy Farm LLC will receive a $562,500 grant for the purchase and installation of a $2.6 million 750 kW wind turbine in Steuben Township.

The farm will consume 733,920 kWh a year, with the remaining electricity sold back to the grid. The turbine will help the farm hedge against the rising electricity cost and remain competitive in the dairy industry.

SOURCE: Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

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