Renewable Energy Added To Generation Portfolio


The Dayton Power and Light Co. (DP&L), the principal subsidiary of DPL Inc., has filed its electric security plan (ESP) with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). The plan complies with the requirements of recently passed Ohio energy legislation, Senate Bill 221 (SB 221).

‘We understand the impact energy costs can have on individual households as well as local businesses,’ says Paul Barbas, DP&L president and CEO. ‘With that in mind, we developed a comprehensive plan. It provides new tools to control energy costs, is environmentally friendly, promotes job growth, mitigates the immediate impact of increasing fuel prices and supports the energy policies incorporated into the new law by the Ohio governor and Legislature.’

The ESP incorporates DP&L's existing rate stabilization plan, which establishes rates through the end of 2010. Accordingly, rate increases are limited to those previously approved by the PUCO in 2005 for the recovery of environmental investments, and those resulting from compliance with SB 221 to meet energy and demand reduction goals, alternative and renewable energy targets, economic development initiatives, and standard and default service requirements.

SB 221 requires that at least 25% of a utility's retail electric sales be supplied with electricity generated from advanced and renewable energy sources – including wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and fuel derived from solid waste – by 2025. Accordingly, DP&L issued a request for proposals to purchase renewable energy beginning in 2009. The proposals are currently under evaluation by the company. By law, the increase in the generation rate due to advanced and renewable energy cannot exceed 3%.

A final decision from the PUCO regarding DP&L's electric security plan is expected in early 2009.

SOURCE: Dayton Power and Light Co.

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