Regional County Municipalities Buy Stake In 300 MW Quebec Wind Farm


EDF EN Canada Inc. has sold 12.5% of its ownership stake in the 300 MW Lac-Alfred wind farm in Quebec to the regional county municipalities (MRCs) of La Matapedia and La Mitis.

Enbridge Inc. and EDF EN Canada became co-owners of the project in November 2011. Following this transaction, Enbridge maintains its 50% interest in the project while EDF EN Canada holds 37.5%; the remaining 12.5% is held by the MRC of La Matapedia (10%) and MRC of La Mitis (2.5%). EDF EN Canada will continue to provide management services to the project, and EDF Renewable Services will continue to provide long-term operations and maintenance services.

The prefects of the MRCs – Chantale Lavoie (La Matapedia) and Noel Lambert (La Mitis) – jointly say in a statement, ‘For the MRC and municipalities, this acquisition will provide a share of revenues from the sale of electricity while providing diversification of funding sources. It's also a great opportunity for local communities to benefit from the direct impact of a natural resource present at home. Depending on the power generation of the wind farm, net profits could reach C$200,000 to C$300,000 per year for La Mitis and C$500,000 to C$1 million for La Matapedia."

Lac-Alfred features 150 Senvion wind turbines, and the project reached commercial operation in two phases: Phase 1 (150 MW) in January 2013 and Phase 2 (150 MW) in August 2013. Hydro-Quebec Distribution is buying the output under a 20-year power purchase agreement.

Lac-Alfred is one of seven wind energy projects awarded to EDF EN Canada in 2008 and 2010 through Hydro-Quebec calls for tenders. It also represents the third project developed by EDF EN Canada to be held in partnership with an MRC, the other two wind projects being La Mitis (24.6 MW) and Le Granit (24.6 MW).

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