RagingWire Offers Data Center Clients Green Power


Sacramento, Calif.-based RagingWire Enterprise Solutions Inc. (RES), a data center providing colocation and managed server hosting solutions, has announced the creation of a program that allows its clients to use 100% green power. Under the program, RES clients can choose green energy from renewable sources to power their high density equipment.

Working with electric utility provider Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), RagingWire offers clean power from wind, solar, landfill gas and small hydroelectric sources. For an additional $0.01 per kWh, RES clients can choose 100% green power.

In addition, to power its corporate operations, RagingWire uses renewable energy through SMUD's commercial Greenergy program.

‘We constantly seek power and resource efficiencies to reduce and recycle wastes and to operate more productively,’ says Yatish Mishra, president and chief technical officer of RagingWire. ‘Our commitment to environmental responsibility and our relationship with SMUD enable us to put green energy at the core of our next-generation data center facilities.’

SOURCE: RagingWire Enterprise Solutions Inc.

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