PSE’s Green Power Program Sees Rapid Growth


Residential and business demand for clean energy has Puget Sound Energy's (PSE) green power program delivering twice the amount of electricity from renewable generation sources as it did only two years ago.

In 2008, the utility expects to deliver 290,000 MWh of electricity from wind, solar and biomass sources to its more than 21,000 green power customers. This is more than double the 131,000 MWh consumed by the almost 17,500 green power participants in 2006, according to the utility.

The utility recently committed to doubling the number of program participants over the next five years to 5% by engaging in more aggressive education and outreach. This month, PSE signed a contract with Portland, Ore.-based 3Degrees, an expert in increasing green power program participation.

‘The rapid growth of the green power program is just one example that [shows that] residents and businesses in our area are committed to renewable energy, and we are proud to support them in that dedication to the environment,’ says Kimberly Harris, executive vice president and chief resource officer for PSE.

SOURCE: Puget Sound Energy

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