PSE Offering Renewable Energy Grants To Schools


Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is offering public schools and other educational institutions an opportunity to bring renewable energy into the classroom. The utility has opened the grant-application period for organizations seeking to install small-scale solar arrays or wind turbines. Schools and nonprofit institutions with a renewable energy education focus are eligible to apply for a PSE grant.

PSE's Renewable Energy Education Program (formerly called Solar Schools) and voluntary Green Power Program have provided $394,139 in grants to fund 23 educational solar power projects in western Washington during the last seven years.

The programs promote understanding and acceptance of renewable energy technologies and expand the range of options available to local educators, students, families and communities in PSE's nine-county electric service area.

Successful applicants will receive grants to fund renewable energy education and demonstration projects at their facilities. The grant can provide supplemental funds to an existing project or cover the entire cost, up to $20,000, of a renewable energy demonstration system.

Grants also support real-time, Web-based monitoring software that allows students and interested community members to track how much energy is being generated at any given time. Also provided are educational materials and support, including science teacher training, classroom activity guides and renewable energy science kits.

Schools and other educational institutions qualifying for a grant must submit plans detailing their educational goals and objectives for a wind or solar demonstration project. Applicants are also required to have used a PSE energy-efficiency program within the past 36 months. Grant applications must be received by PSE no later than 5 p.m. on March 15. An electronic application is available here for online submittal.

SOURCE: Puget Sound Energy

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