Protesters Arrested At Maine Wind Project Site


Protesters blocking construction vehicles at the Rollins wind project site were arrested after refusing to move, the Portland Press Herald reports.

Five people were arrested, and about three dozen protesters gathered at the entrance of the project site, located in Penobscot County, Maine. Most of those arrested are affiliated with the Maine branch of national environmental group Earth First!, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The 40-turbine wind project is being developed by Boston-based First Wind.

‘It's unfortunate a small group of renewable energy opponents have chosen to protest that, but we respect their rights to do so,’ said John Lamontagne, spokesperson for First Wind. ‘This project will put more than 200 people to work during construction and generate enough clean, renewable power for more than 24,000 homes in Maine. We're proud of that.’

In March, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court unanimously rejected arguments from the Friends of Lincoln Lakes group, which challenged the Department of Environmental Protection's approval of the wind power project on Rollins Mountain.

SOURCE: Portland Press Herald

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