PR Firm Unveils Energy-Related Program


Phoenix-based Front Page Public Relations has unveiled two energy-related marketing programs to help utilities and vendors market renewable energy and energy-efficient products, energy rebates, net-metering, feed-in tariffs and utility demand side management (DSM) programs to consumers and businesses that will benefit from the transition to clean power.

‘As customers search for ways to save money on their electricity bills, showing them how to take advantage of energy rebates, buy energy-efficient products and install renewable energy power plants is a great way to insulate them from future rate hikes and reduce our dependency on foreign oil,’ says Robert Hoskins, president of Front Page Public Relations.

The firm's renewable energy marketing programs focus on generating positive publicity for utilities that want to educate customers on where DSM subsidy programs are available and how they can be used to pay a portion of the cost to install renewable energy products that generate clean energy.

SOURCE: Front Page Public Relations

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