PPG Launches Thin-Film Coating For Wind Turbine Blades

Strongsville, Ohio-based PPG Commercial Coatings has launched its advanced thin-film HSP-7401 polyurethane primer and AUE-50000 series polyurethane top-coat wind turbine blade-coating system.

The coating system is designed specifically for wind turbine blades and uses a thinner build to reduce labor, material use and weight while providing adhesion, erosion resistance and flexibility protection properties, according to the company. PPG technical teams from around the world collaborated in developing the system.

‘With the growing international demand for alternative, renewable energy forms, we know how important wind energy is,’ says Dave Chapman, PPG global marketing director. ‘PPG is extremely active in supporting wind blade manufacturers through the development and application of superior coatings for their products.’

The PPG HSP-7401/AUE-50000 series system was developed through extensive global testing against a wide range of blade-coating standards and specifications. The polyurethane primer and top-coat components were specifically designed to work together.

Using up to 60% less applied film than conventional polyurethane multi-coat systems, they provide improved adhesion and flexibility, says PPG. HSP-7401 primer is quick-drying and may be top-coated in as little as 30 minutes.

AUE-50000 is an erosion-resistant, weather-resilient polyurethane top coat that offers smoothness and protection from environmental elements.

SOURCE: PPG's Commercial Coatings


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