PowerUp Canada Calls For Green Economy


Several Canadian civil society groups, with a combined membership of over 850,000 people, are calling for a massive Green Economy Action Fund to be part of the country's federal budget.

The proposal calls for federal investments and low-interest loans to stimulate the green economy and catalyze provincial action. Funds would be used to retrofit buildings, ramp up renewable energy, expand public transit and support cleantech manufacturing.

‘The Green Economy Action Fund can help Canada meet its environmental responsibilities, position Canada as a leader in an emerging area of the economy and create good, quality jobs,’ says Ken Neumann, national director for Canada's United Steelworkers. ‘This could be an important part of an overall strategy to help Canadians cope with today's financial and economic crisis.’

The list of signatories supporting the Green Economy Action Fund include the Canadian Association of 45Plus United Steelworkers, the National Union of Public and General Employees, the Pembina Institute, Environmental Defence, ForestEthics and the Forest Products Association of Canada. This coalition is led by PowerUP Canada, which was formed by the Ivey Foundation, the Tides Foundation, Equiterre, ForestEthics, Environmental Defence and the Pembina Institute.

SOURCE: PowerUP Canada

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