Poll: Majority Want Next President, Congress To Focus On Renewable Energy


A new national survey conducted for CLEAN and the Civil Society Institute (CSI) by the U.S. survey firm Opinion Research Corporation indicates that a majority of Americans believe that if the next president and Congress are going to continue to invest in energy through subsidies, tax breaks and other incentives, the focus should shift from coal and nuclear power to promoting wind and solar energy, enhanced energy efficiency, hybrids and other highly fuel-efficient cars.

Key CLEAN/CSI survey findings include the following:

– Most Americans want the next president and Congress to achieve energy independence by relying on clean energy sources rather than coal, oil and nuclear power plants;

– More than four out of five Americans want to see government aid for wind and solar power put on the same or better footing as coal-fired and nuclear power plants;

– A halt to construction of new coal-fired power plants is supported by Americans; and

– Wind and solar are seen as the future of energy for America.

‘Americans deserve credit for understanding that more investment by the federal government in coal and nuclear power is essentially the same thing as investing in subprime mortgages,’ says Pam Solo, Civil Society Institute president and founder. ‘If U.S. taxpayers are going to directly or indirectly underwrite energy development and energy-intensive industries – such as the auto industry – we need to insist that the next Congress and president make good, solid investments that make sense for the longterm of our country.’

The telephone survey was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation's CARAVAN omnibus. The survey was conducted among a sample of 1,006 adults (503 men and 503 women) aged 18 and older living in private households in the continental U.S. Interviewing was completed Sept. 12-15.

For more information, visit theclean.org/.

SOURCE: CLEAN and the Civil Society Institute

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