PJM Revises MAPP In-Service Date


PJM Inc. has reaffirmed the need to develop the Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway (MAPP), a new high-voltage line in the Mid-Atlantic region, proposed by Pepco Holdings Inc., with a new in-service date of 2015.

‘All analysis to date indicates that the MAPP project remains the preferred solution to ensure the long-term reliability of the PJM grid,’ PJM Interconnection said in a letter to Pepco Holdings Inc. (PHI), the parent company of Delmarva Power and Pepco, the electric utilities tasked with building the line. PJM also has identified the required in-service date to be no later than June 1, 2015 – a revision from the original date of 2014.

PHI plans to submit updated regulatory filings to the Maryland Public Service Commission this fall. In addition, the company has initiated many environmental studies that will enable it to submit applications for permit approvals in early 2011.

SOURCE: Pepco Holdings Inc.

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