PJM Interconnection Launches Renewable Energy Dashboard


Valley Forge, Pa.-based PJM Interconnection is launching a one-stop resource to better understand renewable energy resources on the PJM power grid.

The Renewable Energy Dashboard offers a snapshot of the amount and type of generation that currently provides power to the 51 million people in the PJM region. The dashboard also features a map indicating where proposed renewable energy projects are planned and a summary of how much electricity has been produced by renewable sources since 2005.

‘Policy-makers are facing big decisions and making aggressive goals to address climate change issues and integrating more renewable energy into the nation's energy portfolio,’ says Terry Boston, PJM president and CEO. ‘We want to help inform the debate and give consumers a better understanding of renewable power in the PJM region.’

Wind generation accounts for nearly half of the approximately 100,000 MW of new electricity proposed to be built in PJM, according to the dashboard. In addition, biomass – a relatively new renewable energy resource to the grid – joins proposed solar photovoltaic, captured methane, hydro, wood and others considered as renewable sources in the planning process. The amount of renewable energy proposed changes throughout the year as new projects are added and some are withdrawn from the process.

The information for the dashboard was gathered in large part from the Generation Attribute Tracking System, a system developed by PJM affiliate, PJM-EIS.

For more information, visit pjm.com.

SOURCE: PJM Interconnection

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