Pennsylvania Receives ARRA Funds For State Energy Plan Investments


Pennsylvania has received $38.8 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) funding for job-creating energy projects.

Pennsylvania anticipates receiving $455 million in ARRA funding for energy-related initiatives. The funding is part of the $99.6 million Pennsylvania will receive under ARRA's State Energy Program.

‘The money will be used to fund various projects such as heating and cooling, wind, solar, biogas and green building development,’ says Gov. Edward G. Rendell, D-Pa. ‘The more diverse we become in attempting to meet our future energy needs, the less reliant we will be upon foreign sources and less likely to suffer the effects of energy-related price volatility.’

The funding will be distributed among seven program areas: sustainable business recovery (through the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority), wind energy, sustainable heat and power, solar energy, biogas, green development loans and geothermal buildings.

The funding will be part of the state's 2009-2010 budget, and will not be available for distribution until the budget passed by the General Assembly and signed by the governor.

SOURCE: Pennsylvania Office of the Governor

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