Pennsylvania House Bill Could Expand Wind Energy


The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed H.B.188, legislation that promotes the expanded use of wind power. The bill may now be considered by the state Senate.

H.B.188 – authored by Rep. Curt Sonney, R-Harborcreek, would allow an owner of preserved farmland to grant access for the installation of a wind power on the property. Parameters for construction include a minimum 50 acres of currently preserved farmland.

‘Under existing law, owners of preserved farm land may grant a right-of-way for the installation, transportation or use of water, sewage, electric, telephone, coal or non-coal minerals by underground mining methods,’ adds Sonney. ‘It's simply common sense to allow them this additional use of their property.’

First introduced by Sonney in 2011, the bill passed the House but never made it to the governor's desk.

‘I originally introduced this legislation four years ago, and we have now managed for a second time to get it through the House for consideration by the Senate,’ says Sonney. ‘I'm hoping this is the first step toward eventually advancing the bill to Gov. Wolf's desk for his signature.’

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