Pass, Shoot And Score! The NHL Commits To Carbon Neutrality


The National Hockey League (NHL) says it plans to substantially reduce carbon emissions this season, becoming the first U.S. major sports league to achieve carbon neutrality.

Under a partnership with energy services firm Constellation, the NHL will work to cut carbon emissions and purchase carbon offsets for all of its emissions during the 2014-2015 hockey season. The league is estimated to emit 530,000 metric tons of carbon this season through energy use at its arenas and offices, due to nearly 2 million miles of team air travel and other league operations.

‘Our sport was born on frozen ponds and relies on winter weather,’ says NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. ‘Everyone who loves our game will benefit by taking an active role in preserving the environment and the roots of the game.’

According to Constellation, the company will offer energy-efficiency analyses to all 30 NHL teams and provide renewable energy certificates to offset emissions and promote renewable energy, such as wind and solar power.

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