OPPD Authorizes Implementation Of Revised Open-Access Transmission Tariff


The Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) board has authorized management to implement a revised Open Access Transmission Tariff. Under requirements of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the revision would be necessary if the utility were to change its membership in Southwest Power Pool (SPP).

The revised tariff would provide the terms, conditions and rates under which OPPD will provide transmission services for new transmission-service requests and existing service agreements.

The vote is the latest action in a dispute that began when SPP announced proposed changes in the method of allocating costs to members for new transmission facilities.

Last year, OPPD sent a letter opposing the new method and notifying SPP of its intention to become a non-transmission owner if changes could not be worked out. OPPD maintained that the new allocation method would shift significant costs to the utility's customer-owners over time with little or no benefit. Nebraska customer-owners would be paying to help wind farm operators in Kansas and Oklahoma ship their energy eastward, according to the OPPD.

The two sides have remained unsuccessful in negotiating a resolution. However, despite the board's latest vote, no final decisions have been made on when or if the change in membership will occur. The two sides expect to continue negotiations.

SOURCE: Omaha Public Power District

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