Ontario Issues Directives On Energy Supply, Transmission


Ontario has taken the next step to implementing the government's 20-year Long-Term Energy Plan. The province has issued the final directive that requires the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to implement the key aspects of the supply mix. That means the OPA will consult with partners and the public as it develops the comprehensive energy plan for submission to the Ontario Energy Board later this year.

The plan includes fast-tracking the closure of two coal units this year and all coal units by 2014, and creating more than 50,000 jobs in the clean energy economy.

The plan also includes increasing Ontario's renewable power supply from sources such as wind, solar and bioenergy by 10%, up to 10,700 MW. To help achieve this target, the OPA will move forward shortly with the next round of clean energy contracts.

‘Wind energy's growing contribution to Ontario's electricity supply is creating jobs and economic opportunities right now for manufacturers, service providers, landowners and rural municipalities in Ontario,’ says Robert Hornung, president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association. ‘Reaffirming the government's target for new wind energy supply and proceeding quickly with new contracts for wind energy projects and necessary transmission system upgrades will strengthen investor confidence that Ontario is a good place to do business.’

The province is also instructing Hydro One to move forward immediately with several priority transmission projects. These projects include upgrades to existing lines and building a new one west of London, and upgrades in Southwestern Ontario. Hydro One will also immediately begin upgrading key transformer stations. These improvements will enable the connection of small-scale renewable energy projects across the province.

SOURCES: Government of Ontario, Canadian Wind Energy Association

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