OCAS Receives RES Canada Contract


nc. has received a contract from Renewable Energy Systems Canada (RES Canada) Construction LP, an affiliate of RES Americas. OCAS will provide its wind turbine obstacle collision avoidance system (OCAS) at the Talbot Wind Energy Project near Chatham, Ontario. RES Canada is the developer; engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor; and partial owner of the Talbot project. The 98.9 MW Talbot wind farm consists of 43 Siemens turbines. The OCAS solution utilizes patented radar technology mounted on the turbine tower to detect approaching aircraft and activates the turbine strobe lights for a primary visual warning as required by Transport Canada. This keeps the lights off at all times unless an aircraft approaches the wind turbines. If the aircraft does not take measures to avoid the turbines, a secondary audio warning is delivered to the pilot's VHF radio. SOURCE: [link=http://www.ocasinc.com]OCAS

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