NYRI Files Rebuttal Testimony With N.Y. PSC


The New York Regional Interconnect Inc. (NYRI) has filed rebuttal testimony with the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) in direct response to testimony submitted January 2008 by various parties to the case regarding NYRI's proposed transmission line project. NYRI has proposed, under the PSC's Article VII process for the ‘Siting of Major Utility Transmission Facilities,’ a 190-mile transmission line to run from Oneida to Orange County in New York state.

NYRI's rebuttal testimony comprises the professional opinions of more than two-dozen witnesses who are experts in the fields of electric system operations, economics, engineering and environmental science.

NYRI's testimony demonstrated the following:

– The NYRI project is needed to meet the economic and energy goals of the federal and New York state governments by enabling increased usage of renewable resources for electric generation while reducing dependence on foreign oil;

– The NYRI project will provide an investment of approximately $2 billion from private capital to improve and modernize electric system infrastructure, creating jobs and providing substantial additional tax revenue to local communities;

– The project will further benefit the economy by reducing electric costs in New York in both the short- and long-term by making the operation of the electric system more efficient with improved reliability;

– The project has taken into account concerns expressed by residents and has proposed alternative routes that avoid the most populated areas and that ensure there is no adverse impact on the planned Marcy Nanotech site; and

– The project minimizes impacts to sensitive environmental resources.

According to NYRI, the proposed transmission line will help relieve existing transmission constraints and allow additional power to move more reliably from upstate New York, where energy is abundant to areas downstate with high-energy demand.

SOURCE: New York Regional Interconnect Inc.

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