N.Y. College Installing Wind Turbine


Saratoga Springs, N.Y.-based Atlantic Energy Solutions Inc. is moving on to the next phase of its $4.4 million energy efficiency project with a state college located in upstate New York. To date, Atlantic Energy Solutions has completed $3.5 million in renovations to the college campus.

Among the renovations are campus-wide lighting system upgrades, improved water conservation technology, domestic hot water heater replacements and a geothermal system conversion the college's field house.

One of the upcoming renovations in the next phase of the project is the installation of a 1 MW grid parallel wind turbine. Power generated by the wind turbine will be used to offset electricity purchased from the local utility.

‘Businesses and municipalities everywhere are realizing the importance of going green,’ says Timothy Brock, CEO of Atlantic Energy Solutions. ‘In this case, we were able to not just drastically reduce the college's energy costs, but we are also helping them build a bridge into the future of energy efficiency for their campus and for the environment.’

SOURCE: Atlantic Energy Solutions Inc.

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