NWCC Sage-Grouse Research Collaborative Awards Research Funds


The Sage-Grouse Research Collaborative, supported by the National Wind Coordinating Collaborative (NWCC) Grassland and Shrub Steppe Species subgroup, has awarded a total of $715,537 to three sage-grouse research projects to examine the potential impacts of wind energy development on sage-grouse.

The collaborative will oversee these studies and a combined analysis of data from all three studies to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the impacts of wind power on sage-grouse across their range.

The collaborative says its ultimate goal in sponsoring studies and a combined analysis is to inform wind power development and sage-grouse management strategies.

The collaborative used four main criteria to select the research proposals: research approach, confirmation of a partnership with a developer of a qualified study site, strong credibility of the research team and project cost.

The funded projects include the following:

– A study of the response of greater sage-grouse to wind power development, led by David Musil of Idaho Department of Fish and Game;

– A study of the ecology of male greater sage-grouse in relation to wind energy development in Wyoming, led by Joshua Millspaugh, professor of wildlife conservation at the University of Missouri; and

– A study of the impacts of a wind energy development on greater sage-grouse populations in southeastern Wyoming, led by Matt Holloran of Wyoming Wildlife Consultants LLC.

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