Numi Organic Tea Offsets Emissions For 2009


Oakland, Calif.-based Numi Organic Tea has partnered with Big Tree Climate Fund on a twofold offsetting program that includes the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets.

Big Tree Climate Fund provides carbon offsets, RECs and tree-planting programs to companies that want to demonstrate commitment to sustainability and lower environmental impact. These partnerships support projects that help combat climate change while benefiting communities and protecting local environments.

Big Tree assisted Numi in conducting an annual emissions audit through calculations of carbon output in electricity and natural-gas usage, employee air travel, use of a company car, pounds of landfill use and overall shipping for 2008.

The carbon offsets and RECs fund high-quality renewable energy and greenhouse gas abatement projects. Numi has purchased enough carbon offsets and RECs to offset its total estimated emissions for 2009. The emissions from electricity were offset by buying RECs, while all other emissions were offset by buying carbon offsets.

Big Tree Climate Fund certifies that Numi Organic Tea has purchased 515 metric tons of CO2 equivalent and 24 RECs to offset its emissions for one year starting May 1, 2009. The REC purchases support the Wilton Wind Energy Center, located in North Dakota.

SOURCE: Numi Organic Tea

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