NPS Supplies Turbines For Hybrid Microgid Project In South Korea


Northern Power Systems (NPS) has commissioned four of its NPS 100-21 wind turbines as part of a hybrid microgrid project with grid operator Korean Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) on a South Korean island.

NPS says its 100 kW turbines have a history of operating in hybrid microgrids and can withstand typhoons that regularly affect the South Korean region. The distributed wind turbines were supplied and installed in cooperation with Haebaram Energy.

The island installation also features a KEPCO-developed energy management system, a 314 kW solar PV array and a 3 MWh Hyosung battery storage facility. According to NPS, power is now delivered to remote island residents with an integrated wind/solar/storage supply for as low as $0.25/kWh, representing substantial savings over the previous diesel-only energy solution. Furthermore, the company notes that the site provides enough power to supply more than 160 homes, a water treatment plant, a lighthouse and radar station on the island.

The project is the cornerstone of an initiative to transform the islands around the Korean peninsula into renewable power communities, no longer dependent on fossil fuel and government subsidies. The microgrid and full inverter were designed by KEPCO, which plans to install similar systems on additional local islands.

NPS notes that it is now offering its technology and services throughout Asia.

‘We are excited to be bringing our solutions to Asian markets," comments Troy Patton, the company's CEO and president. "We have been helping to deliver stable energy solutions to hybrid microgrids for over 10 years in North America. During this time, we have proven that we can provide a significantly lower cost of energy that leverages local natural resources.’

For more information about how various energy resources can work together to produce more effective grids, visit the Hybrid Energy Innovations event website here.

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