Nova Scotia Releases Proposed Amendments To Renewable Electricity Regulations


Nova Scotia recently released proposed amendments to its renewable electricity regulations for a 30-day public comment period. The amendments are designed to support increasing the amount of renewable electricity produced in the province.

‘These proposed changes will ensure we reach our renewable electricity goals of stabilizing electricity costs and creating a greener, more sustainable province for future generations,’ says Nova Scotia Energy Minister Charlie Parker.

The regulations, enacted in October 2010, were developed following a comprehensive consultation process.

The amendments to the regulations include the following:

– Confirming, in regulation, the renewable electricity target of 40% by 2020;

– Providing for the possibility of Nova Scotia Power surpassing, rather than just meeting, its minimum renewable electricity target for 2013;

– Balancing wind with other electricity resources to meet 2013 and 2015 renewable electricity targets while ensuring system reliability; and

– Improving the definition of First Nations eligibility.

Comments will be accepted on or before July 27.

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