Northern Power Systems Utilizes Analog Devices’ SHARC Processors For Turbines


Northern Power Systems has selected Analog Devices Inc.'s (ADI) SHARC digital signal processors for use within the company's flagship Northwind 100 community scale wind turbines.

Northern Power Systems' Northwind 100 wind turbine uses a digital drivetrain to deliver 100 kW of rated power. Leveraging SHARC processors, data converters and other ADI components, the Northwind 100's permanent magnet direct drive (PMDD) design eliminates the need for a gearbox by replacing it with a full power converter, according to ADI.

ADI's 32-bit floating point SHARC 21363 digital signal processor hosts real-time closed-loop control algorithms to efficiently control the Northwind 100's generator and power converter subsystems, according to the company.

SHARC 21363 processors employ an enhanced single instruction, multiple data architecture to provide the real-time processing bandwidth and atomicity required to keep these subsystems running in precise coordination, the company adds.

SOURCE: Analog Devices Inc.

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