Northern Power Rolls Out Energy Storage System


Northern Power Systems Corp. has released the Northern Power Energy Storage Solution (ESS) – an integrated energy storage system that aids in renewable energy grid integration and optimization.

The product, which features the proprietary FP2000 FlexPhase power conversion system, offers a wide range of DC voltage optimization options and can be used with batteries (e.g., flow, lithium, lead acid and others) or mechanical storage (e.g., flywheels). Complementing the tool’s renewables-integration function are various utility grid-support services, including frequency regulation, VAR support, peak shaving/load shifting and substation resiliency.

The company notes that ESS can be packaged into containers, shelters, trailers or buildings with an output power range of 125 kVA to 2,000 kVA. The duration of rated power can be configured from 15 minutes to four hours.

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