Nordex Rolls Out Wind Turbine Designed For Low-Wind Conditions


Nordex has unveiled a new wind turbine specifically designed for Germany's light-wind conditions.

According to Nordex, the N131/3300 is a new version of the N131/3000 from the Generation Delta line of products. With a rotor diameter of 131 meters and a nominal output that is 10% higher than that of the N131/3000, the new machine can boost yields between 4% and 6%, depending on the location.

Nordex says the larger hub heights may result in additional yield gains – the N131/3300 will be available on a hybrid tower with a hub height of 134 meters or 164 meters. Serial production of the N131/3300 with a hub height of 134 meters will begin in mid-2016, with the taller version to go into production toward the end of the year. This means that the N131/3300 can already be included in applications for permits for 2016.

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