Nordex Providing Towers For Wind Project In Icy Finnish Region


Nordex has been contracted by Finnish asset management company Taaleri, formerly Taaleritehdas, to install 13 N131/3000 turbines for the Kivivaara wind farm, located in northeast Finland.

According to Nordex, the region is known for its forest-covered hills and abundance of snow and ice. The manufacturer will be supplying all turbines, including anti-icing systems, for the 39 MW project. In permafrost conditions, Nordex says, its system can increase yields by up to 25%.

Nordex will deliver the turbines in late summer and provide services for 15 years. This project is the third, as well as the largest, of the two companies’ recent frame contract, which totals 216 MW.

Including this project, Taaleri has already ordered 30 turbines with a total of 90 MW from the frame contract. The remaining projects are planned for installation by the end of 2017, at the latest.

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