Nordex Premieres N131/3300 Turbine For German Wind Farm


Nordex Premieres N131/3300 Turbine For German Wind Farm Nordex has installed its first N131/3300 turbine, a low-wind tower especially designed for inland sites in Germany.

This turbine, which has a hub height of 134 meters, was set up for VOSS Energy GmbH at the Krampfer wind farm, located in Brandenburg, Germany.

Originally, Nordex was planning to install six N131/3000s in January. However, because the N131/3300 had already obtained certification on the type test, VOSS Energy decided to substitute one of the machines with a newer variant.

Depending on the site, the company says, the N131/3300 produces yields 4%-6% higher than does the N131/3000. Nordex will install the remaining five N131/3000 turbines in January, as planned.

Nordex says the early delivery of the turbine, especially the large components, was made possible due to flexible logistical solutions and good collaboration with the responsible authorities. The installed turbine will be connected to the grid before the end of the year.

After commissioning, taking place over the next few days, Nordex will immediately start making measurements to validate the power curve and verify the sound power level for the turbine.

Photo courtesy of Nordex SE

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