Nordex Breaks 2 GW Threshold In U.K., Ireland


Turbine maker Nordex says it has reached 2 GW in installed capacity in the U.K. and Ireland wind markets.

Breaking it down by country, Nordex says it has built 1.5 GW in the U.K. and nearly 600 MW in Ireland.

Additionlly, Nordex says it has reached 750 MW throughout both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. At typical capacity factors, this represents enough power for 1.3 million homes, resulting in a market share of installed turbines of around 20% in the Republic of Ireland and around 10% in the U.K., notes Nordex.

“Our markets have special features: high wind speeds, complex terrains, difficult site access for components, and challenging planning conditions, such as noise restrictions,” explains Rich Furniss, Nordex’s managing director for the U.K. and Ireland, adding that demanding grid connection requirements and high expectations for health, safety and environment management add to the challenges of wind turbine construction in the region.

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