Nordex Announces Plans For 6 MW Offshore Turbine


Nordex SE plans to introduced the N150/6000, an offshore wind turbine that has a rotor diameter of 150 meters and an installed nominal output of 6 MW.

The specific weight of the tower head has been kept low thanks to the use of a new kind of direct drive, according to the company. Nordex says it is engineering this drive design in conjunction with experienced suppliers and relying on proven technical details.

Because of the modular system design, assembly and servicing at sea are possible with the systems currently available. If necessary, components can be replaced simply, quickly and without dismantling the rotor, according to the company.

A condition monitoring system facilitates preemptive maintenance of critical parts. In addition, Nordex can fit out the N150/6000 with a helicopter platform if requested by the customer.

Nordex has participated in a reference project in the German part of the Baltic Sea to expedite market access. Up to 70 wind turbines are expected to be installed at this site beginning in 2014.


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