Nexans Expands High-Tech Cable-Laying Fleet


Nexans, a global designer and manufacturer of cable systems and services, is expanding its presence in the offshore wind and interconnection market by adding a third cable-laying vessel to its fleet.

The new vessel will help Nexans to meet the terms of the $1.5 billion contract it recently won to lay the section of the EuroAsia Interconnector that links Greece and Cyprus. The 525 kV HVDC cable will be the longest and deepest interconnector in the world and will run across the Mediterranean Sea floor at depths of nearly 10,000 feet.

Building upon the cutting-edge technology featured on Nexans’ flagship vessel, the Nexans Aurora, this new ship will go further with improved design, comfort and capabilities. Equipped with three turntables, offering a 15,000-ton loading capacity and hosting a large range of subsea tooling including jetting and ploughing tools, the vessel will be capable of laying up to four cables, ideal for large-scale projects.

This new strategic asset will also directly and indirectly create hundreds of jobs worldwide during its construction and operational period. From an environmental standpoint, its increased load capacity and advanced hybrid power system will significantly reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

“This new vessel will be the most technologically advanced cable-layer ever deployed,” says Vincent Dessale, COO, Nexans. “Fitted with a range of high-tech cable installation and burial equipment, it will enhance the capabilities of our subsea cable operations to tackle projects on an unprecedented scale.”

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