New Transmission Collaboration To Bring Renewable Energy To Vermont


The Vermont Green Line says it has entered into a new partnership with Citizens Energy Corp. to give low-income Vermont residents access to large quantities of renewable energy.

By becoming an owner in the Vermont Green Line alongside National Grid, Citizens Energy will finance its share of the line and use its profits, in concert with the project partners, to help working families and others in need in Vermont.

Citizens Energy partners with utilities and experienced developers across the country to develop new high-voltage transmission lines. Under its model, Citizens Energy’s projects – now including the Vermont Green Line – increase grid reliability, unlock access to large quantities of renewable energy and fund charitable programs for people living in the area, all at no additional cost to ratepayers.

The Vermont Green Line is a proposed 60-mile, 400 MW high-voltage, direct-current transmission line linking wind and hydropower resources north and west of Beekmantown, N.Y., with New Haven, Vt., via a cable to be buried along public roadways and submerged beneath the waters of Lake Champlain. The line is being developed by Wakefield, Mass.-based Anbaric and National Grid, which joined forces in 2014 to bring cost-effective, renewable energy into New England.

“Citizens Energy is excited to be a part of this effort to bring carbon-free, clean energy to the region while continuing our corporate mission to use profits from successful ventures to assist those in need,” says Citizens Energy Chairman and President Joseph P. Kennedy II. “This project shows how building green transmission lines can benefit ratepayers and the environment while helping the most vulnerable families in our midst. We look forward to working with National Grid, Anbaric and our friends in Vermont to deliver affordable clean energy through the Vermont Green Line.”

Citizens Energy says it will use its ownership in the Vermont Green Line to find similar ways to help low-income residents in the state cut their energy costs, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and take part in the clean energy revolution.

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