New Senvion Turbine Model Will Be Available In 2018


New Senvion Turbine Model Will Be Available In 2018 Following a spate of introductions of new wind turbines to operate in low-wind conditions, turbine maker Senvion is following suit.

According to Senvion, the 3.4M140 onshore wind turbine comes equipped with a sound-optimized blade profile and a new pitch control system to reduce turbine load.

The wind turbine will be available in 2018 in hub heights of 110 meters and 130 meters. The longer 68-meter blades at these tower heights alone permit high yields at low-wind locations, such as forested and mountainous areas.

Compared with Senvion's 3.0M122, the 3.4M140 generates up to 20% greater yields, depending on the location. A load-reducing pitch control system ensures a cost-efficient design. The service life is also extended to 25 years.

‘Wind energy is competitive – in the most diverse of places,’ explains Andreas Nauen, Senvion's CEO. ‘By offering wind turbines with longer rotor blades that can be operated even more profitably and cost-efficiently at great heights, Senvion is proving that even low-wind locations inland can be attractive.’

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