New Organization Formed To Promote Wind Energy In Nebraska


A new statewide organization has been formed with a goal of opening Nebraska's renewable energy markets while preserving the state's unique public power system.

According to Tim Geisert, president of the Nebraska Energy Export Association (NEEA), members of the new statewide association believe that current models for wind development in Nebraska are insufficient to maximize opportunities to develop an abundant natural resource.

‘A recent report by Harvard University ranks Nebraska fourth in the nation with the greatest energy potential from wind power, yet we are 22nd in the nation in actual production of wind energy,’ he says. ‘NEEA was created to help provide business opportunities for Nebraska landowners while, at the same time, help the country become energy independent.’

Representing Nebraska landowners and ratepayers, the mission of the organization is to promote wind energy development in Nebraska, creating renewable energy through a public-private partnership that reduces taxes for state residents.

NEEA advisors include representatives from the Nebraska Farm Bureau, Nebraska Cattlemen, two former state senators, two economists and business leaders.

SOURCE: Nebraska Energy Export Association

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