New GMP CEO Announces Energy Plan


Incoming Green Mountain Power (GMP) CEO Mary Powell has announced a broad plan to drive the development of renewable energy sources, combat climate change, spur a green energy economy in Vermont and maintain a competitive electricity pricing advantage in the region.

‘It is clear to me that we have an opportunity to create significant environmental and economic value for our customers and, at the same time, help to create a clean energy economy that combats climate change and creates green jobs in Vermont,’ says Powell.

GMP's proposal includes establishing green energy zones to drive the development of in-state renewable energy projects, developing a ‘smart, green grid’ that will allow renewable generation to play a more significant role in the state and increasing investment in energy efficiency, distributed generation and demand response programs.

This energy strategy would set the stage for replacing a material portion of GMP's purchases of Vermont Yankee power with renewable resources over time, according to the utility. The plan envisions a 20-year transition period in which Vermont develops renewable energy sources in the state and secures access to low-emission baseload energy from Canada and other states.

A key component of the plan, according to GMP, includes negotiating a contract with Hydro-Quebec to invest in new transmission infrastructure to import more power from the Canadian province.

SOURCE: Green Mountain Power

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