Nevada Power And Sierra Pacific Power Renamed NV Energy


Reno, Nev.-based Sierra Pacific Resources has announced that the company's utilities – Nevada Power and Sierra Pacific Power Cos. – will do business under the name NV Energy.

The company also announced that it will seek shareholders' approval to amend its corporate charter to reflect a corporate name change from Sierra Pacific Resources to NV Energy, Inc. Subject to shareholders' approval, Sierra Pacific Resources would assume the NV Energy name at the time of such approval.

NV Energy will continue to focus on a statewide, three-part energy strategy that emphasizes energy efficiency and conservation, the development of new renewable resources and adding generation that uses the cleanest available technologies.

‘We are committed to supporting the latest technologies for the benefit of Nevada's energy consumers,’ says Michael Yackira, the company's president and CEO. ‘We will maximize successful programs already in place, such as rooftop solar power and increased conservation efforts, and we will take the lead in exploring new opportunities, including advanced battery storage technology and plug-in, hybrid electric vehicles.’

SOURCE: Sierra Pacific Resources

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